Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May 30, 2011


The new area of Kwa-Mashu is going ok. My comp and i are learning the area together so it is taking some patience because we get lost a lot. The area is like driving on a mountain to go camping. We have tar roads, but some parts are dirt roads. The branch here is very big, the chapel is very nice and pretty big as well. The members are pretty sweet so far, we get fed a lot so thats always nice. Every saturday morning we play volleyball so thats been pretty fun and every p-day we play soccer with the zone, and the zone is pretty big so its a lot of fun. My soccer skillz need a little work but im getting better at it haha.
We are gonna have some baptisms pretty soon here so i hope it all works out. Durban is a very confusing place, i hope to learn how to get around here.

NO my thunder :( shame. Oh well they will win it one year i know it.
Dale almost had it, eish no gas. eish you need gas to win what are they thinking haha. i bet stephs happy though with the result of the race. Kungfu Panda 2, wow that sounds pretty sweet.
Im going to work on a package to send to ya'll i just don't know how im gonna do it but i will let you know when i send it.

Mission is going good, i am deffinantly learning a lot here. i just hope i will be able to continue to help my companion and we get things going nicely. I have nothing else that i know of now. so i hope everyone is doing well.
i love you

Elder Mdobi

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