Monday, January 31, 2011

January 31, 2011


Things are well. Only one thing that is not too cool. President Von Stetten was in town and he told us that are car will be moved to Ladysmith. :( He also said that they will send up some bikes. Im not happy about this but i guess you don't get the whole mission excpirence till you ride a bike around. We will have the car till the end of Feburary. Thats the only news. Things are good though, no problems. We found a big family and they are way awesome.

I bet watching the kids keeps mom busy. :) You have to get certified. Eish, you will do alright, im pretty sure with study and time you will know everything you need to know.
So is Sis. Crookstons grandson, serving in Joburg? Im just curious because i know 2 elders who are in that mission.
Anyway i hope all is well with you and the fam. Take it easy, and ENJOI!
I miss you. Everything here is well, i love it.

Elder Fisher (english)
Elder Mdobi (isiZulu)
Elder Visser (Afrikaans) :)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

January 24, 2011

Yebo fam!

I am doing awesome. I did my first confirmation! It was pretty kool.
Thats kool, is Westminster pretty strong this year? Green Bay what? Thats is crazy, who is the quaterback for them? Everyone is sick, thats not kool. I hope they all get better soon. Thats nice, the missionaries are teaching people. Do you see the missionaries more now? I feel bad for Sis. Baggaley, that is not fun at all. Eish.
Anyway, everything here is going good. I don't really have anything to report, noting exciting has happened. We did meet some new families so that was awesome, i hope we can start teaching them and see how that goes. Life is good.
I hope all is well with you and Mom and everyone.
Take it easy.

Elder Mdobi

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

January 17, 2011

Sawubona Fam!

Im doing awesome! We had the baptism! All worked out fine, Ma Sunchaze didn't have to stay in the hospital so we were able to baptize the whole family together it was awesome. Elder Nuzman (the couple missionary) baptized baba and his son Shaga, Elder Hall baptized Ma, and I baptized the daughter Mellissah. The baptism went perfect it was so amazing i loved it.
Thats kool, the Marvive family is so awesome. :) Ya i got some good pictures, i hope if we go again i can see some lions that would be sweet.
Sorry to hear the DVD player broke, but thats way kool you got a nice one now. Hopefully they don't brake this one. haha

So ya pretty much i am doing great, our car was having some problems but we got that fixed so now it is running good. We have been working hard and i feel the area is growing, the church attendence is going up and i hope we can keep it that way and also add to it.
Thank you so much for being able to send me that stuff. I guess i don't really need anything, it just would be nice to have Alex Boye and those tide pens do come in handy.
There is this Ma that is from Umlazi (whish is pretty close to Durban) and she moved here to Nseleni, she is way kool, she feeds us and she might teach me how to cook some Zulu food, so we will she how that goes.

Anyway take care. I hope the family is doing well. I miss you all so much. I love it here, i love the Zulu people (at least some of them haha) but its awesome.
I love you so much.

Elder Mdobi

Monday, January 10, 2011

January 3, 2010

Yebo Sawubona

I am e-grand. Wow that is crazy cold. You now have snow, thats good haha. For newsyears we went to a members home then to the couples home we ate a lot of food it was pretty sweet. At 11:55 i woke everyone up and at 12 we cheered, a lot of fireworks were goin off so that was pretty kool.
I thought of something that i need. I need those tide to go thingys. You know that lil thing that you use to clean your clothes it looks like a lil orange pen. Im on my last one. So if you could send that one to me the next time you send stuff that would be great.

Well nothing much is goin on, our car is having problems so we are going to have to walk for this week and probably next week. Something with the clutch or somethin im not too sure.
We have a family that is going to be baptized on the 16th, this family is awesome.
Im glad to hear that all is going well. I don't have much to report.
I am doing great, i just hope that this crazy heat and humidity dosen't get to me too bad. Im getting a nice tan, so thats kool i guess haha.
Anyway i gotta run, thank you for the e-mail.
I love you and miss you so much.
Take it easy.

Elder Mdobi