Wednesday, June 8, 2011

June 6, 2011

Sawubona Fam!

So now its hot in Utah, i guess that means the rain stopped. :)
Bear Lake, man that sounds sweet, maybe the water will be warmer this time. Wow Justin is doin the army thing. Thats pretty sweet, i hope he enjoys it.
Nope i don't need anything.

Well on my side, we live in a back house thingy. The lady who owns the house is an indian lady who gives us very spicy food on fridays haha. She is pretty nice just very strict. Ya we live in Durban North, so just a few minutes from downtown and that very big world cup stadiam. The ocean is also very close.
Everything has been going good, im just getting use to my new companion. He is a funny guy but ya just need to learn to be patient with him. Its all good though.
I have nothing of excitement to report, everything is pretty chill im just focusing on learning the area and getting to know the people.
My time is short so i hope all is well. I am also working on a package to send to you.
Take care.

Elder Mdobi

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