Monday, May 23, 2011

May 23, 2011

Sawubona Fam!!

I finally in DURBAN!!! :) haha the big city. Man this place is so sweet. I have a car as well. The normal mission car Chevy Aveo, this one is dark gray so thats pretty kool. I live in a 2 man boarding so its just me and my companion. It has a small kitchen but we have a really big room. My companion is Elder Kondowe. He is from Harare, Zimbabwe. He is a short guy but he is very funny. He has been on mission only 2 months.
The area we serve in is called Kwa-Mashu. It is a crazy big town ship, there are 6 missionaries that serve in this town ship. Also the town is on a very big mountain, so it is very hilly, and some parts are very steep. My companion took me to this place and there is a very beautiful waterfall. This place is very sweet. There is however only one problem, my companion doesn't know the area that well, so we are always getting lost. I hope to learn how to get to places. But its all good.

Colton in Cali!! Man that is so sweet. Is there anyone else who left on mission in the Stake?
Dang the Thunder Lost, eish i hope they can turn things around.
Wow you jogged a mile, thats pretty good, keep it up. Don't hurt your self though. Take it lil by lil.
Every thing is going well here, im getting new expirences here and im excited to be here in the great big city of Durban.
You all take care. That is all i got for the week.
i love you all so much and i miss you.

Elder Mdobi

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