Monday, May 9, 2011

May 9, 2011

Hey fam!

It was very nice to talk to the family. I wish i could of had more time to talk to everyone but it was nice to hear from everyone.
Im glad it was a good mothers day. We bought flowers and made cookies for Sister Nuzman and she loved it.
Grandma is doing well, that is very good to hear.
Im gonna send a letter home and in it i will have a letter for Rhonda/fam and the marvive family and hopefully i can see if i can write a letter for grandma and grandpa.

Lakers got swept! That is some very good news. :) I hope the thunder can pull it out that would be so sweet.
So its been raining non stop, all yesterday and today so far. we had a plan to go to the beach but now we can't. its all good though.
I write some sister missionaries that were in my mtc distrct, and also there are 2 girls that i write feliciana and callie. They write letters back and have been sending pictures so it was nice. im working on sending pictures to them and also to you all at home.
I email, Elder Seth Bushman, Elder Jason Young, Elder Nathan Bird, and sometimes Elder Jace Broadbent. From what i got from them they are all doing very well. 3 of them are doing spanish.

So thats about it. Well i hope this week will be a nice one. On Sunday the 15th we get transfer calls so i will let you all know if i get transfered. It looks like a big change will hapen in our zone.
All is going well so far, no problems.
I hope all is well, take care.

Elder Mdobi

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