Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May 2, 2011

Hey fam!

Things are good.
Ya THUNDER haha that is so kool. What snow still, are you serious. We have been having very nice weather, its been pretty much perfect..... James did what! Is this that Samantha girl that is in our stake? Eish eish, i just got news about some of my friends who are getting married as well and i just can't believe it. So many things have changed and i haven't even hit 1 year on mission yet. But it is all good, im glad im hear in South Africa.

So for Mothers Day we will do the same thing as Chirstmas. Same time would be good. I don't know when you all have church so i hope 12 noon or 1 will be good. So in South African time it will be about 8 or 9 pm. I have the same phone number, if you don't have the number here it is again XXX-XXX-XXXX. I will send a txt message like last time incase there might be problems. If you do have church at 12 im pretty sure we can move it to Monday. But Sunday night here is the ideal time for me.
Im pretty excited to hear from you all again. It feels like i just spoke to ya, time is flying. :)

This week was pretty normal, i went on exchanges on Wednesday, so i spent the day with Elder Fokuo, he is a way kool guy from Ghana. We had a good day and things have been going good in the District. I do have a sorta funny story, but i think it would be funny unless you were there. So me and my companion Elder Kamara, were just walking in Nseleni, we were going to an appointment, and we saw a big big group of girls dressed in traditional clothes, they were participaring in a pre-wedding thingy. (weddings here are a very big deal by the way) so we were walking and they all started doing the zulu dance and singing in zulu and one girl stated to leave the group and was walking toward us i got a lil nervous i had no idea what she was gonna do. So we stopped and she started just dancing in front of us. And everyone just got really really loud. Man it was imbarassing everyone was looking at us. (take in consideration i am the only white guy in this town) eish it was pretty funny after thoug, my companion keeps laughing at me. So the end of the story i guess this girl wanted to impress me.
Like i said you needed to be there.
Anyway the week was good. No problems really except everything keeps breaking in the home. (im not the one doing the breaking by the way)
Mission is good.
I hope all is well back home, i am hopefully gonna get some pics printed and also the key chain i have for Rhonda ready and sent to you.
Take care.

Elder Mdobi

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