Monday, August 23, 2010

Aug 23, 2010

Sawubona Family!

I am doing very well. I am still struggling but im new and i am learning everyday and as i learn i am loving this gospel so much and it keeps growing and growing. The teaching is good, i am improving a lot, we have a big teaching pool of Baba's (fathers) and families. We are focusing on getting priesthood holders because are branch needs them and we are building up the kingdom of God through them.
I am feeling better, i just got a lil fever and runny nose and all of that fun stuff. Are branch is really small, about 100 people roughly, its large enough that we don't need to be doing things in the branch, we sometimes just help out by teaching the youth. Yesterday they had the primary program and that was really kool. We have a church in Madadeni, it is pretty small, but at least it has basketball hoops outside! :)
I felt rain for the 1st time in a month, how crazy is that! Im glad the weather is warming up here though. :)

Let mark and jeff know that there is a dirt track by are house in Newcastle, i heard them racing a few days ago. Oh and that a lot of the cars are hatchback and funny lookin. The car we get dropped off in (cuz we don't have a car) is a white Chevy Aveo. ( the car we rented that one time)
I haven't eatin anything crazy yet, just a lot of rice and beans and PB & J's haha. Are branch president (bishop) is going to make cow head for us, i don't know if i told you this. Anyway i will tell you how that goes, i hope its good.
My doggy, that is really sad, but i knew it was going to happen and that is a good thing because the dog was really really sick. I bet dad is counting the days till the cat dies haha.
James finally got a job, that is good. How is Rodney? Let grandma and everybody else know that i am doing well and that i love them all. Tell Rhonda that i haven't got the key chains yet because im busy, but i will get them, i just don't know when.
The work is moving along and i am supper busy.
I love you and miss you.

-Elder Fishaman

Monday, August 16, 2010

Sawubona Family!

I am doing okay, i am a lil sick but it is okay. Ok kool i am excited for the package, the address should be right. Was it the South Africa Durban Mission PO box 174 Wandsbeck 3631 South Africa? Cuz thats the mission office and thats where the letters and stuff need to go to.
There is a Mcdonalds by our house but we never have time to go there because are area is about 15 to 20 minutes away from are house. The name of the town is called Madadeni. So far the food has been good, the people serve us a lot of rice, beans, chicken, and meat. People here do eat tripe (cow intestine) but i haven't had to eat that yet thank goodness. On Wednesday we are going to have cow head at are branch presidents house so that should be interesting.
The teaching is ok, im still uncomfortable with the culture and people but it is slowly improving.
Poor dogy, she is getting way to old.
Tell sister Millius and the rest of the ward i said hi and that things are good. And we have some baptisms coming up, hopefully the investigators will keep improving.
I love you all so much, let the nephews and nieces know that i still love them and miss them.

love Elder Fishaman :)
(all the Zulu people call me fishaman so its pretty funny)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Aug 9, 2010

Sawubona Family!
I am doing so awesome!! Not much goin on in South Africa, they had a local soccer tourny which was a big deal i guess because people were celebrating in the streets and making noise with those vuvuzela things. My companion is Elder Armstrong, he is a white South African from Petoria (i don't know how to spell it but ya) he is so smart and knows how to talk to the people. We get a ride to are area in Madadeni then we walk the rest of the day and night till we get picked up by the other elders who live with us. We stay in a apartment aka flat, and it is pretty nice, it gets really cold in the morning and at night but its not that bad. I did get my bedding and i didn't have to pay for it, and i didn't need to pay for a bike so i still have a lot of my american money.
Ok here is the thing im just going to buy a sweater here because it will be cheaper, so all i really need is that 9v battery, because i don't see them here. But if you already got the sweater thank you. I don't have a lot of time to shop so i don't know when i will get the sweater.
Ok my first baptism!!! it was amazing. Like i think i said last time his name is Baba Shezi he is 57ish, and it went well. I was so nervous but everything went well. Im going to print out some photos and i will send em home.
So my P day is on Mondays, and we played soccer with a bunch of teenagers and it was pretty fun. We might play basketball today but im not sure.
So everything here is gong well, im trying to learn Zulu but it is a hard language. Im learning to love it here, I need to learn fast because my companion might\ probably will be transfered soonish and im going to have to know the area so i can help who ever my new companion is, but hopefully that won't be for a while cuz the houses all look the same to me and there aren't any street signs and road names.
All is well here in Madadeni :)
I love you and miss you so much.
Elder Fisher(man)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Letter Number 1 from South Africa!

Sawubona. Ninjani?
I made it to South Africa, my mission president is way nice and awesome. I got my new companion/ Trainer his name is Elder Armstrong and he is from Petoria South Africa (i think i spelled that wrong) anyway ya he is awesome, he's been out a year and knows pretty much everything so im in good hands. Im the only American in my district everyone is from africa except the DL Elder Cable he is from Australia.
My first area is called Madadeni,it's about 5 hours north east of Durban and it is pretty much all dirt roads and very very very small houses with like 2 rooms. Most of the people are nice except for the drunk people that walk around all the time. ( We live in Newcasle which is a good area with normal houses and stores and stuff)
We have a baptism coming up next sunday for Baba Shezi, he is an amazing man who is very excited about the gospel, so excited i don't think i've every seen someone that excited.
The work is good, im still getting used to everything here, its hard cuz everything is opposite and new and very weird.
Im learning a lil Zulu, the language is very intense, at the beginning of the email i just said Hello (sawubona) and How are you (ninjani) im working on the language so i can talk to more people as we walk around.
I am supper busy, my P day is Monday. fyi.
I didn't get a package yet sorry.
The address is the one that says wandsbeck on it or something like that, send everything there.
I love Africa, it is very different but as i get use to it this place will become awesome!
The money thing is weird, i don't know how much the stuff is that im buying, i just buy it.
Sorry that this letter is all over the place i just have a ton of emotions running through my body.
So all is well here, how is home? Anything new?