Monday, March 28, 2011

March 28, 2011

Hey Fam!

VCU? How did they get to the final four, wow! I heard that the jazz are doing really bad, good thing im not a big jazz fan, GO THUNDER!! :)
I hope Hiroshi is ok, man i totally forgot that he is over there. That Japan thing is really big. It looks like everyone is moving, i hope you don't move haha. If you do California is a good place. ;) haha
Things here are going ok. No major problems just normal missionary stress and stuff. My day, uh well the past few days we have been getting a lot of rain which was cool because we borrowed a car from Elder and Sister Nuzman. Now we are back on the bikes this week. It still gets really hot, but soon it should start coolin down.
The meeting in Durban was very good. President Von Stetten gave an awesome talk and the Zone Leaders gave us all some pretty good tips and stuff. I love Durban, the only thing is traffic is pretty much a nightmare.
All is well here. I don't have much of report, nothing exciting or new. The transfer is almost over so things will be changing a lil bit in the Zone but not too much.
Anyway i hope everyone is doing well.
Take Care.

Elder Mdobi

Monday, March 21, 2011

March 21, 2011

Hey family!

Thats kool, Aiden even gave a talk wow.
BYU is in the sweet 16! Eish they must be on fire. I totally forgot about March Maddness. Time is flying by crazy fast. Someone ask me how old i was and i said 19 then my companion corrected me and said 20. haha
Everything here is going good. I've been feeling a little stressed due to District Leader and just some negative things happening in he area. Like people who are ready to be baptized moving to places i've never heard of and that there are no missionaires there. So its a lil frustrating. But i think i forget that its Gods will not mine. His way not mine. Im learning though. Im going to Durban on Thursday for Zone Conference so im pretty happy about that. Its nice to get out of Richards Bay and go to the big city.
I hope everyone is doing well, i miss you all so much.
Take care.

Elder Mdobi

Monday, March 14, 2011

March 14, 2011

Heita! (slang for whats up) :)

I am doing good. We were able to get the car problem fixed for the Richars Bay elders so things are coming along.
My birthday was wonderful. We had a braai at the Sunchaz families home and so we had lots of food and cake. It was very nice.
I did see the pic of logan! That is so kool, im happy to hear that he is doing well, i look forward to seeing how big this lil guy gets in a year.
I saw the news about japan when i was at Mcdonalds. I couldn't beleive it, the couple missionaries the Nuzmans knew some other missionaries there but they got a email telling them that they are fine.
The teaching is going well, im getting use to my new comp Elder Kamara, he is a fun guy. We are meeting a lot of people and everyday we are biking all over Nseleni. The days are flying by so fast, and i know its because we are busy and working hard.
Its cooling down a lil, today it is raining so im pretty happy about that. :)
My contacts are doing well, so far no problems. I will let you know when i am running low on contacts, but as of right now all is well.
I hope the family is doing well, i miss you all so much.
Take care and ENJOI!! :)

Elder Upawulu Mdobi (paul fisher

Sunday, March 13, 2011

March 8, 2011


Logan is here!!!! So kool! :)
That is so exciting!
The Cd's are good, thank you so much. No more cold, that is nice. Here it is kinda getting cooler, they say at the end of may it is supposed to start coolin down, so im pretty excited about that.
My new comp, is kool. He is very different from my old comp so i am adjusting still but it is good, he is a loud and fun guy. We are doing some service for some GoGo's (grandmothers) we are cutting their grass and stuff so that is good.
Birthday plans, well we are having a braai (BBQ) at a the Sunchaz families home and that should be pretty fun.
Yesterday we went to Hlghluluwe-Imflozi game park as a zone so that is why i wasn't able to write you all yesterday. We didn't see too many animals so that was a bummer but we did eat this really kool place. So it was pretty fun.
Things here are going ok, just a lot of stress being the District Leader. The Richards Bay car is having problems so that is really making things unpleasant, but hopefully we can get that fixed and start getting things flowing again.
I hope all is well with the family. Everything here is good, i am learning a lot here and especially now that i have responsibilty.
Well i have to run, we have to do a ton of things this morning.
Take care, i love you so much.

Elder Mdobi (the young one) :)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

February 28, 2011


Things are good. My new companion is Elder Kamara, he is from Sierraleone. Its a very small country by Ghana. He is pretty kool, he is loud but sometimes i can't understand him cause is english is very different. I think his language is Criel or something like that, its broken english in away. Being District Leader is chill so far, it is a lil frustrating especialy today so im kinda stressed out buts kool.
I got the package! It was so awesome. Thank you so much. It made my day. Im so happy i can listen to some music and hopefully find some peace.
So i looked through the pictures and it looks like Mark has a mustache?
Eish, no more D-Will!! What, i thought the jazz were gonna build around him. Oh well. If he wants to go its probably best to let him go. Man thats so crazy about Richard. I hope everything is ok with that situation.

So pretty much things seem like they are going too fast, im trying to keep up. I hope that this week, i can get somethings to change, i guess its just gonna take some time to get use to Elder Kamara, its gonna take a lot of patience and charity on my part. All is well though, im taking this as learning expirence and i hope things just go ok.
Well i gotta run, we helped some members move this morning and it pushed our whole schedual back so i have to run everywhere and try to get some stuff done.
Take it easy, i hope everyone is doing well and that the weather will heat up for you and cool down for me.
I love you and miss you so much.

Elder isiXobo Mdobi (Paul Fisher)