Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Sawubona Ma & Baba!

I am doing great, just a lot of stress, but thats normal.
So you went to a new condo, wow that is way awesome. Tarzan! That must of been fun to see. How is Sam and Becky?
Is mom excited to sing? Nervous? Any solos?
Utah seems like they are doing way good. Its probably cuz i can't watch the games, cuz when i watch they always struggle. Our apartment is pretty big. 2 bedrooms 2 bathrooms 1 shower though. Remember there are 3 other elders that stay here with me. But it is nice. We have some sweet couches too. We go to send emails at this emal cafe right behind our place. So it is nice because of how close it is. I am writing in my Journal every day, no lie. I might need a new journal soon. We have found some new people, but we haven't been able to sit down with them and teach, but hopefully this week we will. I am still in Madadeni the same area, there is a lot of work, the branch needs a lot of priesthood brothers and that is what we are doing are best on and so far we are doing very well at it. It is just going to take time for the branch to get moving. Its a good branch, just not really organized, our branch President, President Moloi does everything on his one pretty much, he needs help for other people besides us. My Zulu is good, i still don't understand a lot but i am gettin better at the basics. We don't teach in Zulu, we teach in English but Zulu helps them understand more. I will not be able to watch conference, we have to wait till they come out on cd and then we can listen to them.
As of right now i don't need anything i am doing very well, i love it here and i love the people especially the kids they are so cute.
Oh ya how was Dads birthday? It was dads birthday right?
Well anyway gotta run, i love you so much and i miss you so much. i am doing good and i am growing so much. I think im gaining wait but i don't know i can't tell haha but i eat a lot.
I love you

Elder Umdobi

Monday, September 20, 2010


Yebo ma and pa and family

Unjani? (how are you).
My week has been good, a lot of stress,work,sweat,and joy. :)
Kool st geezy haha. That condo is nice.
Kool i would love to hear from jackie. The winter here is over, but the winter wans't really that cold, only at night it would be cold.
My new companion is really kool, he is a great elder. Ya i have no money issues yet so that is good. i haven't bought anything yet, i will when i get time and maybe move to a better area.
Utah!!! ya that is so tight, does the team look good or does everybody else suck? haha
Well it was good to hear from you, i hope all is well in Wesvile.
Everything here is fine, i am improving so much, i am starting to really love it here.
I wish i could just write you a ton of stuff but they give me no time.
I love you and miss you.

Elder Umdobi (fisher)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Transfer Week: September 13,2010

Sawubona Fam.

I am doing great, a little stressed, nervous, sometimes scared because i don't know the area that well and the transfer did happen. So i run the show now here in Madadeni. My trainer Elder Armstrong is now in Kwamashu down in Durban. My new companion is Elder Tlakotosi. He is way kool. He is also South African, he was born in Joburg about 35 min from the temple. I look forward to working with him, i know we will have success i just need to put my worries a side.
Its good to hear that the roof is done and you didn't fall. I fixed a roof as well.
I got the package, yesterday night. Thank you so much, when i saw it i got so happy and excited.
Tell Tom and Heather thank your for the letters and thank steph for the picture i love it and it will go on my wall.
It is good to hear that Utah is winning and BYU is losing, that makes me happy. I don't really care about Hunter anymore, they need new everything and to rebuild and maybe one day they will be an elite team.
I will try to get them a post card and write a letter for the Marvive family. I still haven't seen a key chain for Rhonda but when i see one i will get it. haha
The teaching is going well, i am improving a lot, my Zulu is better and im learning everyday. The only site seeing i've done is 1 day we went to a war site place and it was pretty kool. I took some pictures as well. Im going to send home some pictures pretty soon here.
Im glad to hear that all is well. I am doing good, im growing so much and learning so much everyday.
i love you so much.

Elder Umdobi (Fisher in Zulu)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Sawubona Pa Sawubona Ma

Im am well, i feel 100%. Sorry my email didn't send i guess, i thought i sent it but i don't know.
I didn't get the package yet. but im sure i will get it pretty soon here. Which roof are you working on? You better be safe up there old man.
Wow a new niece!!! That is so awesome, i better see some pictures.
Im glad the play was good, and that Utah won. That is awesome. Why in the world is BYU doing that? Do they want to be like Notre Dame?
I think it's so crazy how its getting colder there and it's getting hotter here.
The teaching is going well, i feel i have improved a lot, but there are still a lot of things i need to do better, but i know it will come in time and good study.
My Zulu is getting better, we don't have a lot of time to focus on the language but i pick up lil by lil.
Most of our service is working on yard work, we fixed a roof 2 weeks ago but other then that nothing really crazy.
On P-days we get up, study, go shopping, go emailing, and then we meet together as a Zone and play soccer most of the time.
Who is your home teaching companion?
How is everything in the ward?
So just some updates, on Sunday the 5th, we had a baptism with ma Shezi, she was baptized by her husband Baba Shezi. (my first baptism which was on the 8th of Aug)
It was awesome to see her get in the water, and to be baptized like her husband, and the daughter is on the way, we have a b-date for her on the 26th of this month. Also on Sunday we had District Conference, and the area of the 70 Elder Brickneil spoke, and our mission president, President Vonstetten spoke, it was so amazing when he bore his testimony in Zulu. I hope that i can learn my testimony in Zulu.
Also coming up this week, my trainer Elder Armstrong is getting transferred, so i will be getting a new companion.
All is well here in Madadeni, South Africa. The work is moving along, there is a lot of work to be done, and with faith we will succeed.
I am sorry i haven't sent any pictures yet but i will eventually.
I love you and miss you tell the family hi for me.

-Elder Fishaman