Monday, March 28, 2011

March 28, 2011

Hey Fam!

VCU? How did they get to the final four, wow! I heard that the jazz are doing really bad, good thing im not a big jazz fan, GO THUNDER!! :)
I hope Hiroshi is ok, man i totally forgot that he is over there. That Japan thing is really big. It looks like everyone is moving, i hope you don't move haha. If you do California is a good place. ;) haha
Things here are going ok. No major problems just normal missionary stress and stuff. My day, uh well the past few days we have been getting a lot of rain which was cool because we borrowed a car from Elder and Sister Nuzman. Now we are back on the bikes this week. It still gets really hot, but soon it should start coolin down.
The meeting in Durban was very good. President Von Stetten gave an awesome talk and the Zone Leaders gave us all some pretty good tips and stuff. I love Durban, the only thing is traffic is pretty much a nightmare.
All is well here. I don't have much of report, nothing exciting or new. The transfer is almost over so things will be changing a lil bit in the Zone but not too much.
Anyway i hope everyone is doing well.
Take Care.

Elder Mdobi

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