Sunday, March 13, 2011

March 8, 2011


Logan is here!!!! So kool! :)
That is so exciting!
The Cd's are good, thank you so much. No more cold, that is nice. Here it is kinda getting cooler, they say at the end of may it is supposed to start coolin down, so im pretty excited about that.
My new comp, is kool. He is very different from my old comp so i am adjusting still but it is good, he is a loud and fun guy. We are doing some service for some GoGo's (grandmothers) we are cutting their grass and stuff so that is good.
Birthday plans, well we are having a braai (BBQ) at a the Sunchaz families home and that should be pretty fun.
Yesterday we went to Hlghluluwe-Imflozi game park as a zone so that is why i wasn't able to write you all yesterday. We didn't see too many animals so that was a bummer but we did eat this really kool place. So it was pretty fun.
Things here are going ok, just a lot of stress being the District Leader. The Richards Bay car is having problems so that is really making things unpleasant, but hopefully we can get that fixed and start getting things flowing again.
I hope all is well with the family. Everything here is good, i am learning a lot here and especially now that i have responsibilty.
Well i have to run, we have to do a ton of things this morning.
Take care, i love you so much.

Elder Mdobi (the young one) :)

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