Monday, March 21, 2011

March 21, 2011

Hey family!

Thats kool, Aiden even gave a talk wow.
BYU is in the sweet 16! Eish they must be on fire. I totally forgot about March Maddness. Time is flying by crazy fast. Someone ask me how old i was and i said 19 then my companion corrected me and said 20. haha
Everything here is going good. I've been feeling a little stressed due to District Leader and just some negative things happening in he area. Like people who are ready to be baptized moving to places i've never heard of and that there are no missionaires there. So its a lil frustrating. But i think i forget that its Gods will not mine. His way not mine. Im learning though. Im going to Durban on Thursday for Zone Conference so im pretty happy about that. Its nice to get out of Richards Bay and go to the big city.
I hope everyone is doing well, i miss you all so much.
Take care.

Elder Mdobi

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