Thursday, March 3, 2011

February 28, 2011


Things are good. My new companion is Elder Kamara, he is from Sierraleone. Its a very small country by Ghana. He is pretty kool, he is loud but sometimes i can't understand him cause is english is very different. I think his language is Criel or something like that, its broken english in away. Being District Leader is chill so far, it is a lil frustrating especialy today so im kinda stressed out buts kool.
I got the package! It was so awesome. Thank you so much. It made my day. Im so happy i can listen to some music and hopefully find some peace.
So i looked through the pictures and it looks like Mark has a mustache?
Eish, no more D-Will!! What, i thought the jazz were gonna build around him. Oh well. If he wants to go its probably best to let him go. Man thats so crazy about Richard. I hope everything is ok with that situation.

So pretty much things seem like they are going too fast, im trying to keep up. I hope that this week, i can get somethings to change, i guess its just gonna take some time to get use to Elder Kamara, its gonna take a lot of patience and charity on my part. All is well though, im taking this as learning expirence and i hope things just go ok.
Well i gotta run, we helped some members move this morning and it pushed our whole schedual back so i have to run everywhere and try to get some stuff done.
Take it easy, i hope everyone is doing well and that the weather will heat up for you and cool down for me.
I love you and miss you so much.

Elder isiXobo Mdobi (Paul Fisher)

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