Monday, February 21, 2011

February 21,2011

Yebo fam!!!

Unjani? I am doing great. Wow a rookie won, thats crazy. Blake Griffin, thats sweet, i wonder if he will get hurt again and never play a game haha.
The baby is coming, ya logan!! That is so exciting. Eish, she rolled the 4 runner, that is crazy, im glad she is ok though.
This week went by crazy fast and yesterday we got the transfer news and my companoin Elder Hall is going to KwaDabeka and i don't know my new companion yet but he will be here on tuesday. Also i am going to be the District Leader!!! Crazy right, i feel way to young on mission to hold a leadership calling but im just gonna run with it and see how it goes. Also my trainer Elder Armstrong is going to be my new Zone Leader, so that is goin to be pretty kool to see him again.
Nothing else besides that, oh wait, i did see some Zebra last monday and we got some kool pics i'll work on sending them to ya. It was pretty kool we got really close to em. :)
Anyway all is well here in the hottest place of South Africa, it should be coolin down soon i hope.
I hope everyone is doin well. Take it easy and thank you so much for the emails.
I love you and miss you so much.

Elder Mdobi

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