Monday, June 27, 2011

June 27, 2011

Yebo Fam!

Happy Birthday MOM!!!! I hope it was a good birthday. So mom is now 42 right? (mom is always 42) :)
Wow dad ran the 5k, eish. That is so sweet. When i come home we will have to do a 10k together! Free at RMR, that sounds like a pretty good deal.
So we are going to try another Turkey center, um we will see how this one does i guess.
What movie did you see? I saw an advert for transformers 3 eish that seems crazy kool haha. I hope you all are writing down movies i need to watch when i get home. I have dave and cody writing down new music stuff for me.
Sorry to hear about the van again, eish that thing is sure a tough trooper.
I got the package, man i was so excited i wanted to eat everything that same night. My comp has never hear about pop tarts so i let him have some and he loved it. South Africa needs pop tarts haha. Thank you so much for the package.
So on the contacts, im ok right now, so just send them the next time you want to send a package.
It sounds like the mndeni (family) is doing fine.

On my side, we had a good week. We had a wonderful sacrament meeting. We have a brother who is going on mission this Thursday to Kenya. His name is Siya Mkhungo, so his whole family came to his farewell and the chapel was packed full.
We have some baptisms coming in July so im pretty excited. I can't believe im turning 1 year on mission soon, eish time is flying by crazy fast.
We got transfer news last night, no changes in our District except for one elder and also we got a new District leader and also a greeny will be coming to out District.
All is going well her in Durban. I miss you all so much.
I hope everyone is enjoying life. Take care. Remember you have more then most of these people dream of.
much love

Elder Mdobi

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