Monday, June 13, 2011

June 13, 2011

HEY fam!!

Thats sweet the kids came up. NO Dallas! Eish man thats lame. Oh well.
It seems like your week was pretty crazy. Im sorry to hear about the van i hope you can get it runnin and it won't be a big deal.
Addie went to the hospital, eish. I hope she starts to recover.
Alright, sweet i look forward to the package. :)

The new area is coming along. The people are still zulu people so pretty much the same, the big difference is that the area is so big, which means there are a ton of people. Which is good, we have a lot of work a head of us. So far no problems, im starting to understand how to get to places now and how to get to Durban, im still learning on how to get back home though but its goin good.
Next month we gonna have some baptisms! Man im excited, also we are working on finding a lot of new people, and hopefuly we can meet a powerful family ready for the gospel.
Last week we had a zone conference, so i was able to see my good friends who are serving in Richards Bay and the conference was very nice. We watched some talks and one talk was by Elder Jeffery R. Holland and it was powerful.
Things over here in Africa are going very nicley. I hope it continues.
I miss you all so much. Take it easy.

Elder Mdobi

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