Friday, June 24, 2011

June 20, 2011


I wish i could of told ya on fathers day but thats how it goes. How
was fathers day?
Eish a leak over the sacrament table thats not good. Im glad grandpa
got a car, he is getting to old to be drivin something big.
Ok kool i look forward to the package, thanks for including the
contacts, i think i have 2 boxes right now so they will defiantly be
needed probably.
The NBA draft, sweet, you will have to give me the details. Especially
where jimmer freidet that one fella from BYU.
No health issues, just that i have been eating a lot haha. Im not fat
though so don't worry.
How bad was the accident? Im glad no one was hurt or anything bad happened.
Ya it is winter time here, its not really a big difference then summer
haha. It does get a little bit colder, mainly in the evening. Its nice
living on the coast. I do miss the sweet mountains of Utah though and
snow. But i love the coast.
The work has been going great. The only problem is our trunk on the
car is broke it won't open, but that's it.
All is going well, I don't have anything of excitment.
I hope you all are ok. I hope everyone starts to feel better and stop
being sick.
I love you.

Elder Mdobi

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