Monday, December 6, 2010

Transfered!!!!!!!; December 6, 2010

Yebo Sawubona!!!

I am doing good, I got some exciting news! I GOT TRANSFERED! Crazy right. So i am now serving in........ Nseleni which is another small township by Richards Bay! The place is very small and i've been here 4 days about and the people are really kool. I've been told that in a few months this place is going to get really hot, this is the hottest place in the whole mission. There are so many trees so i haven't seen the beach yet, but i probably will soonish i hope. We also might go to a game reserve and see some sweet animals this transfer, probably after Christmas.
My new companion is Elder Hall, he is also from South Africa, so thats 3 South African companions, so thats pretty kool. He is a way kool guy, he is white, he is from Petoria. He has only been out 6 weeks, so that makes me a step trainer, cuz he needs to finish his training for a few weeks. Its kinda crazy that i am with someone younger then me on mission but its kool.
Anyway thats all that is really going on here, i am still working on printing pictures but its kinda excpensive so it takes time but i will send them soon.
Wow a lot of stuff is goin down back home. Sorry o hear that some bad stuff is goin down, but i hope besides that, that you are doing well.
Oh ya, so there will be no more transfer meetings, so when we get transfered that means we have to take buses and planes to get around instead of driving, so with that i will have to send half of my stuff home if i get moved again, only if its far away from Durban so i hope i stay here for the rest of my mission haha, but we will see.
But so everything is going well. Im starting all over again it feels like, but i feel up to the challenge, we will see how it goes.
In closing i just miss you and want you to know how much i love you and how much i love the work and spreading the gospel to the lost sheep of South Africa and sometimes it gets overwhelming because there is so many lost sheep here but all i can do is keep moving and keep working hard. I love you so much.

Elder Mdobi

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