Monday, December 13, 2010

December 13, 2010


I am doing awesome! The weather here so far has been nice, but i've been told once Christmas is over its gets supper hot! The place i serve in is called Nseleni, its another small township. I live in Richards Bay, the city is kinda small, we live next to a big big mall so that is way sweet! :) We live in a house, and a plus is that are room has AC! Its another 4 man boarding so there is me and my comp Elder Hall then there is Elder Mwta and Elder Castleberry. To get around we do have a car, its just the normal mission car which is�the white chevy aveo. The car is in the shop today cuz the brakes are not�good. We will get it tonight though which is good. �
I didn't get the package yet, we are going to Durban Tomorrow for a meeting that is on Wednesday and maybe it will be there.
About the call, its easier if you call me, so maybe you can plan a time when the family can be togeher and then call me. Let me know though so we can plan, pick either Christmas day or Christmas Eve which ever one would be better and let me know. :)
So pretty much the people are way kool here, but this area is a lot tougher to get into homes and so forth. The Branch is way small, but thats ok, we just need to work extremly hard. This place is awesome, i love it. Its like North Carolina in a way because there are so many trees and its going to be humid. Its kool though.
Oh ya did i tell you that i am almost like a trainer for Elder Hall? He has been out 6 weeks and the training is a 9 week program, so i have to finish 3 weeks with him and the training stuff. How kool! :)
Anyway all is well. I love you and miss you.

Elder Mdobi

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