Monday, December 27, 2010

December 27, 2010

Yebo Sawubona!

It was so awesome to talk to ya. Sorry about the number problem, good thing i sent that txt. I didn't think i had a accent but i could see how it could change being companions with all South Africans. The sleep over was a blast, for the white elephant we did i just bought candy and a lil toy car thingy, and what i got was a tech deck(the lil skateboards) that was pretty kool. I loved the giftys, thank you so much, i had a lot of fun opening a gift every night.
I wasn't able to print enough pics for grandma but maybe you could go over there and just show her and everyone the pics, i think they would like to seem em. I don't know how long the pics will take to get there due to the holidays and stuff but hopefully they get there in a few weeks.
Yes Avery that is way awesome! :) Do you like the quiet? Or do you miss the loadness? Im glad you got snow, its just not Christmas without snow.
Ya we are only over one branch and the time isn't going to change because we meet at the Nseleni Library.

Its so awesome to hear that everything is going ok, i hope that you enjoi as well the holiday season. I miss you and love you so much. Take care


Elder Mdobi

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