Monday, December 27, 2010

December 20, 2010

Dear Ma and Baba

Things are going pretty good. We have been getting a lot of rain as well. We don't have a Christmas tree, i did have one at my last area, but here we don't :( its ok though. Christmas isn't as big here, like no body puts up christmas lights only a few people.
I did get the package, thank you so much, its been fun opening the girfts everynight. :)
Ok so how the phone call thing will work is you will call me. I need you to call me on Christmas eve at noon (12) utah time so it will be 8pm here or so. That will be the best time because we are having a lil party at the zone leaders house. the number you will use to call me is 027-083-281-5517. If the family can be there that will be great if not thats ok. I think the limit is 1 hour.

Well every week we do a lot of the same things, like the morning schedual and then just eat then go to Nseleni which is about a 15 minute drive away. We have a pretty nice teaching pool here, but we do a lot of trackting as well. On P-days we email, shop, and clean. We play a lot of soccer, we might play some basketball cuz we have some kool americans in this zone but we will see. The house does have a washer, but no dryer, we have to hang our clothes.

So yesturday i had to give a talk, and it went really well, i had to speak for the majority of the time because some one didn't show up who was supposed to speak. But it was ok, i talked about Christmas, and my focus was on Jesus Christ and how we need to slow down during the holiday season and through out life because when we get to busy and move too fast we forget about the important things. At night we had a nice Dinner at the Nuzmans (the new couples they are from north Ogden) it was a way nice dinner so that was kool. Also i am sending the pictures either today or tomorrow so you will get that soon.
Things here in Richards Bay are going good. I have nothing new and exciting to share, but soon i will! :)

I love you and miss yo so much, tell everyone hi for me.

Elder Mdobi

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