Friday, November 19, 2010

November 15, 2010

Yebo! Sawubona!

Howzit? Things are goin well.
Are baptismal font is sorta like the one you have, its not as nice, but im not complaining. The font is in our church building so we don't have to go anywhere special. Which is nice. World Wide training? Nope i have no idea what that is. We are watching a South East South Africa broadcast next Sunday. That should be pretty kool. My testimony is growing. The mission is going well. Sometimes it is really hard and stressful and then other days it goes perfect.
The work is going well, i think i told you we had a baptism last Sunday the 7th for Sandile and yesterday he was confirmed. It was amazing, also he has a friend who is interested and hopefully we can start teaching him as well.
All is well here. I love hearing from you. I hope all is well back at home.

Elder Umdobi

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