Monday, August 23, 2010

Aug 23, 2010

Sawubona Family!

I am doing very well. I am still struggling but im new and i am learning everyday and as i learn i am loving this gospel so much and it keeps growing and growing. The teaching is good, i am improving a lot, we have a big teaching pool of Baba's (fathers) and families. We are focusing on getting priesthood holders because are branch needs them and we are building up the kingdom of God through them.
I am feeling better, i just got a lil fever and runny nose and all of that fun stuff. Are branch is really small, about 100 people roughly, its large enough that we don't need to be doing things in the branch, we sometimes just help out by teaching the youth. Yesterday they had the primary program and that was really kool. We have a church in Madadeni, it is pretty small, but at least it has basketball hoops outside! :)
I felt rain for the 1st time in a month, how crazy is that! Im glad the weather is warming up here though. :)

Let mark and jeff know that there is a dirt track by are house in Newcastle, i heard them racing a few days ago. Oh and that a lot of the cars are hatchback and funny lookin. The car we get dropped off in (cuz we don't have a car) is a white Chevy Aveo. ( the car we rented that one time)
I haven't eatin anything crazy yet, just a lot of rice and beans and PB & J's haha. Are branch president (bishop) is going to make cow head for us, i don't know if i told you this. Anyway i will tell you how that goes, i hope its good.
My doggy, that is really sad, but i knew it was going to happen and that is a good thing because the dog was really really sick. I bet dad is counting the days till the cat dies haha.
James finally got a job, that is good. How is Rodney? Let grandma and everybody else know that i am doing well and that i love them all. Tell Rhonda that i haven't got the key chains yet because im busy, but i will get them, i just don't know when.
The work is moving along and i am supper busy.
I love you and miss you.

-Elder Fishaman

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