Monday, August 2, 2010

Letter Number 1 from South Africa!

Sawubona. Ninjani?
I made it to South Africa, my mission president is way nice and awesome. I got my new companion/ Trainer his name is Elder Armstrong and he is from Petoria South Africa (i think i spelled that wrong) anyway ya he is awesome, he's been out a year and knows pretty much everything so im in good hands. Im the only American in my district everyone is from africa except the DL Elder Cable he is from Australia.
My first area is called Madadeni,it's about 5 hours north east of Durban and it is pretty much all dirt roads and very very very small houses with like 2 rooms. Most of the people are nice except for the drunk people that walk around all the time. ( We live in Newcasle which is a good area with normal houses and stores and stuff)
We have a baptism coming up next sunday for Baba Shezi, he is an amazing man who is very excited about the gospel, so excited i don't think i've every seen someone that excited.
The work is good, im still getting used to everything here, its hard cuz everything is opposite and new and very weird.
Im learning a lil Zulu, the language is very intense, at the beginning of the email i just said Hello (sawubona) and How are you (ninjani) im working on the language so i can talk to more people as we walk around.
I am supper busy, my P day is Monday. fyi.
I didn't get a package yet sorry.
The address is the one that says wandsbeck on it or something like that, send everything there.
I love Africa, it is very different but as i get use to it this place will become awesome!
The money thing is weird, i don't know how much the stuff is that im buying, i just buy it.
Sorry that this letter is all over the place i just have a ton of emotions running through my body.
So all is well here, how is home? Anything new?

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