Monday, August 16, 2010

Sawubona Family!

I am doing okay, i am a lil sick but it is okay. Ok kool i am excited for the package, the address should be right. Was it the South Africa Durban Mission PO box 174 Wandsbeck 3631 South Africa? Cuz thats the mission office and thats where the letters and stuff need to go to.
There is a Mcdonalds by our house but we never have time to go there because are area is about 15 to 20 minutes away from are house. The name of the town is called Madadeni. So far the food has been good, the people serve us a lot of rice, beans, chicken, and meat. People here do eat tripe (cow intestine) but i haven't had to eat that yet thank goodness. On Wednesday we are going to have cow head at are branch presidents house so that should be interesting.
The teaching is ok, im still uncomfortable with the culture and people but it is slowly improving.
Poor dogy, she is getting way to old.
Tell sister Millius and the rest of the ward i said hi and that things are good. And we have some baptisms coming up, hopefully the investigators will keep improving.
I love you all so much, let the nephews and nieces know that i still love them and miss them.

love Elder Fishaman :)
(all the Zulu people call me fishaman so its pretty funny)

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