Wednesday, April 27, 2011

April 18, 2011

Hey fam!

Im doing ok. Im happy to hear that my Thunder is doing very well. Will Ferrel!! WHAT!!! haha wow that is so crazy.
So for me this week, i went to Durban on Thursday for a training meeting, and it went pretty good, i love being in Durban and seeing the big buidings and all of the big hills. The meeting was just 1 day so im back in good ole Richards Bay. This week it has been raining like crazy. Saturday we had a full busy day and it rained crazy hard the whole day and on top of that we got bunked (appointments not home) for every appointment. We got soaked like no other.
I have no plans for Easter.
Everyone we teach is Zulu, so a lot of them don't know english, and they are very strong in their culture. In their culture they strongly believe in ancestors and worshiping them and slaughtering cows and goats and all of that crazy stuf. Most of them are very poor, and build their own housed out of brick and mud. South Africa is interesting, the rich people have huge homes and live maybe 5 minutes away from some one who lives in a shack. Racism is still a problem here, its not violent but you can see how different they treat one another.
Nseleni is a tough area, we are in a slump, but i hope we can turn things around. I probably only have 5 more weeks here.
Everything is going good though, no problems, i feel 100%.
I hope everyone is good. Take it easy.

Elder Mdobi

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