Monday, February 21, 2011

February 14,2011


Eish, this week was a pretty hard, but not too bad. I went on exchanges with Elder Castleberry in Richards Bay then 2 days later i went on exchanges with the Zone leader Elder Jensen in Esikhawini/Port Dunford. So that was pretty sweet. It was a hot hot week, but thankfully today its nice and we have a lil rain.
So Sunday was a lil different, the Branch President was gone, the Elders quorum President was gone, and so that put everything on me and Elder Hall. So i conducted sacrament meeting, and it was pretty new for me. It went well though, all of the people giving talks were there, and we had a ton of people at church so it was pretty exciting to see that. Besides that nothing new, nothing exciting.

I heard Jerry is gone, it has been a big topic with us Utahns. Who is Ty Corbin.
Ok the package i do need you to add some things. I need Ibprofin im all out. Also day quill and night quil.

Oh Mark and Steph moved out, wow. How is the new place?

Well im glad to hear mom is doing better and that all seems to be going ok. Im doing good here, the work is moving a long, just taking a lot of patience with some people but its good.
Well i gotta run we gotta get some stuff done so take it easy.

Elder Mdobi

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