Monday, November 8, 2010

November 8th, 2010

8-ta (whats up the slang version)

Things in South Africa are fine. Im getting use to things, i know
where some things are and how to get there. Exciting news, we had a
baptism yesterday for a 16 year old guy. His name is Sandile and we
have been teaching him for a long time so it was awesome to baptize
him. Normaly i get a lil nervous when i do the baptism but this time i
wasn't nervous at all and it went perfectly!! :)
Don't worry, its all good, it was just a lil weird not getting an
email but no worries.
I haven't seen the Cox but i know them, they stay in Durban so maybe i
will get transfered there and i can meet them.
Laundry- well we have a washing machine, but no dryer, so we have to
hang our clothes but its all good. My new companion is good, he is
working on getting his license, he is learning the area really fast to
i have no worries when i get transfered.
My meeting with President Von Stetten went well, it was nice and
short, no problems. I don't see him a lot because we are so far away
from Durban.
My money is good, no problems. I am taking pictures, ill send some
home before christmas.
I can't really think of anything i need for chirstmas. So just what
ever is kool.
I do want to see a picture of Casey as the airbender d00d. That is so kool!!!!
But all is well here in South Africa i hope everyone is happy and
healthy back home.
I love you all so much. Take care.

Elder Umdobi

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