Monday, October 4, 2010

Oct 4, 2010

Sawubona Ma & Pa

I am doing very well. Lots of ups and downs but i am learning and growing from them. You are so lucky you get to watch conference live, we have to wait, and i don't even know how long. Pretty crazy how i used to not like conference and now im sad because i can't watch it. It has been Kuyashisa here as well. Kuyashisa means its hot. We might get some rain today as well, i really hope we do because it is so dusty.
Ah you got sick, thats not good, i hope you get better very soon.
haha BYU lost to USU haha that is so awesome. I really wish i could watch these games.
Ya i am learning stick, i am getting pretty good at it. Sometimes i mess up but thats how you learn right. We don't have a car but the other elders who stay in our apartment have one and it is just a Chevy Aveo. Thats all the mission has, the aveo and the senior couples have a Nisson Tida, which we don't have back in the states. Some areas have trucks, here they are called buckies. The buckies are really kool they are Nissons and they are really kool lookin, and i hope when i get transfered i can get one. I might get transfered soon here too but im not sure. I am still here in Madadeni and i love it so much. We don't have to do anything in the branch, but the branch needs a lot of help.
Yesterday we had a baptism for Baba Nkosi, it was amazing, i was so happy to see him get baptized by his father our Branch Pres.
I am healthy, my contacts are good, the only thing is i can only get a month out of them before they get all blurry and i have to change them.
But all is well.
I love you and miss you so much.

Elder Umdobi

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