Monday, October 18, 2010

Oct 18, 2010

Yebo Sawubona!

I am doing great, i had such a wonderful week that ended on a beautiful note with a baptism. The baptism was for Ma Nkosi the wife of baba nkosi who got baptized on the 3rd. ma asked me to perform the ordinance and it was an amazing experience.
Cooking, well i cook a lil, just noodles and this sauce stuff which is pretty easy to make. And of course i have my microwave meals, they don't have a good selection like home but they have a few. They store we go to is called Pick n Pay, its kinda like smiths but smaller and for clothes if i needed i would go to Mr. Price or Eddies.
Well each week we do pretty much the same thing, we do are morning preparations and study, then we eat lunch and then go to the area, which is about a 25 minute drive away. In the area we have a big teaching pool so we have appointments pretty much the whole day.
I make my bed every morning, i am the only elder in my boarding that does the dishes and cleans, so you should be proud you raised a clean missionary! :)
We don't really track, we contact a lot of people on the street and just walking, we walk a lot so we see a ton of people, but we do a lil tracking if we need to.
The teaching is good, i love it so much.
No kool animals yet, just a bunch of cows and goats walking around. We have seen some really big ones, and i mean really big!
I sent a lil letter to the Marvive family i hope they get it. I will probably send some pictures home soon.
Oh ya some exciting news, i might get transfered, but im not 100% if i will, i will find out tonight and i will let you know next week.
But all is good here, i got a good computer today so i am very happy :)
I love South Africa i love the work i love the gospel, i am growing so much here.
I love you so much, i hope everything is going well, tell the family and the ward members hi for me.

Elder Umdobi

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