Monday, September 13, 2010

Transfer Week: September 13,2010

Sawubona Fam.

I am doing great, a little stressed, nervous, sometimes scared because i don't know the area that well and the transfer did happen. So i run the show now here in Madadeni. My trainer Elder Armstrong is now in Kwamashu down in Durban. My new companion is Elder Tlakotosi. He is way kool. He is also South African, he was born in Joburg about 35 min from the temple. I look forward to working with him, i know we will have success i just need to put my worries a side.
Its good to hear that the roof is done and you didn't fall. I fixed a roof as well.
I got the package, yesterday night. Thank you so much, when i saw it i got so happy and excited.
Tell Tom and Heather thank your for the letters and thank steph for the picture i love it and it will go on my wall.
It is good to hear that Utah is winning and BYU is losing, that makes me happy. I don't really care about Hunter anymore, they need new everything and to rebuild and maybe one day they will be an elite team.
I will try to get them a post card and write a letter for the Marvive family. I still haven't seen a key chain for Rhonda but when i see one i will get it. haha
The teaching is going well, i am improving a lot, my Zulu is better and im learning everyday. The only site seeing i've done is 1 day we went to a war site place and it was pretty kool. I took some pictures as well. Im going to send home some pictures pretty soon here.
Im glad to hear that all is well. I am doing good, im growing so much and learning so much everyday.
i love you so much.

Elder Umdobi (Fisher in Zulu)

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