Monday, September 20, 2010


Yebo ma and pa and family

Unjani? (how are you).
My week has been good, a lot of stress,work,sweat,and joy. :)
Kool st geezy haha. That condo is nice.
Kool i would love to hear from jackie. The winter here is over, but the winter wans't really that cold, only at night it would be cold.
My new companion is really kool, he is a great elder. Ya i have no money issues yet so that is good. i haven't bought anything yet, i will when i get time and maybe move to a better area.
Utah!!! ya that is so tight, does the team look good or does everybody else suck? haha
Well it was good to hear from you, i hope all is well in Wesvile.
Everything here is fine, i am improving so much, i am starting to really love it here.
I wish i could just write you a ton of stuff but they give me no time.
I love you and miss you.

Elder Umdobi (fisher)

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