Tuesday, July 13, 2010

First Letter from the MTC: July 13, 2010

Hey family. How is everything? Im sorry to hear about the van, maybe dad will get a sweet car now.
Before i get into my letter can you tell the Marvive family thank you for the letter, and tell them sorry that i couldn't write them back, i've been sooooooooooooo busy.
So spain won, that is way kool, i totally called it. :)
My 1st day at the mtc was very overwhelming, and i had a hard time, but the next day my branch president gave me some good advice and sence then everything has been going good.
I saw Nathan yesterday, and i also saw Fine Fenga and Taylor Van. It was so awesome to see some people i knew. :)
Keep sending me letters, i love them, i don't have a lot of time to write back but i will as often as i can.
Everything is good with my companion his name is Elder Shelton. My branch is amazing the sisters are so smart and helpful.
umm im still getting use to how everything here works here, but it will come in time. Im struggling with my teaching skills, but everyday i am improving.
I have ny purpose memorized along with D&C 4, and the first vision. So im glad i could get those memorized. Oh ya i get to pass the sacrament next sunday! how kool! :)
Thank you for updating me on the sport stuff, i told everybody in my room the sport updates and they go crazy so its awesome.
So far i've had no problems besides not feeling good enough to be here spirtualy.
Thank you for the package, i love the South Africa pin and praclet thing. I found out that there are closing the gym, so i can't play basketball anymore so that sucks a little but oh well, we still get to play softball outside which is awesome.
Sorry for being everywhere in my letter, i got so much going on in my head right now it is crazy. Tell Steph to keep writing me on dear elder, i love receiving mail.
Mom and Dad i love you and miss you as well as the rest of the family. Tell everyone that i am doing very well, im learning so much its crazy.
I wish i could write more but i am running out of time, so i hope all is well back at home. Let all the nephews and neices know that i love them and miss them.
I love you. <3
Elder Fisher

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