Tuesday, July 20, 2010

2nd MTC Letter: July 20,2010

Hey family, how is everything goin? Things here are good, im getting this mtc thing down haha. The food is good, i can't really complain. My companion is Elder Shelton he's pretty kool, he's from the ogden area, kinda by pleasentview. My District is awsome, Elder Thatcher is from Salt lake, he went to east high. Everyone else is from Oregon,Arizona,Texas,and New Mexico.
Let Steph know i got the talk and i love it, i love getting letters from her and everyone else.
Thank tom for, writing me it was kool to hear from him.
Can you do me a favor and forward my emails so the fam can see em?
Well everything is good, im learning so much its crazy! Another crazy thing is i got my travel plans. I leave on the 27th (7 days!!!!). I leave at 10:50 am to Atlanta, then at 7:25 pm leave to Johannesburg, then leave for Durban on South African Airways. So its pretty much a 24 hour flight. My companion is goin to the same mission as well as 3 other Elders and 2 of em are in my room.
I don't know if i told ya but i did see Elder Bird (nathan) we talked for a lil while. I got pictures with Russel a friend from riverton at the temple, that was pretty kool. I see some of my friends but not too often.
I ordered a South African shirt at the book store and it is pretty tight im excited to get it.
Gym is fun, they closed the inside gym so i can't play ball and show people my skillz but thats ok, i get to play softball and soccer and that is always fun!
As of right now i don't need anything, i hope it stays that way for 2 years but ya never know, umm my contacts are good i haven't had to change them yet and i have had no problems. :)
My P day is on tuesday.
Well i gotta get goin they don't give you a lot of time to use the computer which is lame, oh well.
The work is good. I love you all. Here is a kool message i received at a LGM (large group meeting) " If you always do, what you've always done, you'll always get, what you've always gotten.

Elder Fisher

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  1. Elder Fisher's mom and dad, this is Elder Shelton's mom! I love you blog and am so glad to hear about my son from your son. If you want you can visit my blog. thejoyfulnest.blogspot.com Alex loves your son, he says he's a great teacher. Maybe they will get to serve together sometime in South Africa. Love, Joy