Wednesday, August 10, 2011

August 8, 2011

Yebo Fam!

Im doing good.
Young woman, eish! Thats kool though, mom can go on the camps and stuff and the activities. kool. :)
Aunt Jackie is doing good, that is sweet to hear. Can you give me her email, i would like to write her and say hi.
Most people here don't know about Utah so what i tell them is we are next door to vegas and they all say wow thats so awesome.
Tell Jackie and Sam that i say hi.


So on my side i am doing very well. Transfers are here again and i am getting a new companion, i will tell you more about him next week when i know more about him. A lot of missionaries here in Durban got sent to Swaziland.
The work is going very well. We have a lot still to do, we are really pushing this branch to grow and to get more Melchezedek Priesthood holders.
I look forward to the next transfer and it should be filled with success. ( a lot of planting seeds as well)
I hope everyone back home is doing good, i miss you and love you all so much.
Take care.

Elder Mdobi

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